Braids & Ponytails

Clip-in Ponytail

Our range of Clip-In ponytails, braids and fringes are a great way to update a hairstyle or transform your look in an instant with the snap of a clip. The ponytail is a classic look that rarely goes out of fashion. A clip-in extension can be made in a ponytail form to be fixed in different places for varying effects.


This look was achieved this with 18” custom made double drawn Slavic virgin clip-in ponytail £825


Clip-in Braid

Clip-in braids can be worn as headbands, either singly or several together, giving your hair an exciting, layered look. They are created using a special weaving technique that combines shorter Slavic hair into longer ones. Using shorter hair to achieve length enables us to offer them at a lower price point.

Lala Kent achieved this look with a 22” ready-to-buy clip-in braid made from Slavic hair £350

Chalice achieved this look with 20” ready-to-buy clip-in braid made from Slavic hair £300

Choice Has No Limits

Whichever kind of clip-in accessory you choose, once it's in you'll be able to combine it with your natural hair to give you the best styles for all occasions. All of our clip-in braids, fringes and ponytails are made from Slavic coloured hair and last a long time if they are well looked after. Just as with your own hair aftercare and maintenance are key but that is made much easier when you can take the ponytail or braid, out.