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You want beautiful long hair, but do you really want it all the time?  One day might be a time for waves or a bun, another might be a bob or pixie day. Most hair extensions don't give you that choice, but clip-in extensions will as clip-in they can be put in and taken out easily. You have to be careful because there are poor-quality, mass-produced clip-ins out there on sale, but custom pieces made to order from virgin hair will blend in perfectly with your own hair.

Our clip-ins come in a number of different forms:

All in One

An all-in-one clip-in extension has wefts sewn together onto a band that clips invisibly into your natural hair and provides a complete sweep of long hair to style as you wish. The extension can be fixed in different places, according to your needs — upon the crown for a beehive, further, down to fix up into a half up half down, to the side for classic glamour. And tomorrow you can choose something different or leave the extension off.

Clip-In Ponytail

The ponytail is a classic look that rarely goes out of fashion. A clip-in extension can be made specifically in a ponytail form, to be fixed in different places for a varying effect.


A fringe looks great with some styles, but what do you do with it if you want a change? The answer: have a clip-in fringe made up, which you can wear or not, according to the impact you want to make today.


Clip-in braids can be worn as headbands, either singly or several together, giving your hair an exciting layered look. They can also be used together with another feature to make it more eye-catching.

Whichever kind of clip-in extension you choose, once it's in you'll be able to combine it with your natural hair to give you the best styles for all occasions. The extensions need to be well looked after, of course, just as you do with your own hair or with more permanent extensions, but care and maintenance are that much easier when you can take the clip-on extensions out for it.

Clip-in extensions for short hair

Clip-in extensions work by means of snap clips and, while they need hair to grip onto, they can be attached to fairly short lengths. As with the micro rings, one of the main issues is that you'll need enough natural hair to hide the clips from view.  Clip-ins can be used to transform short hair for the day into a long sweep or a complex up-do. They can also enhance a short style, such as a pixie cut, by adding volume at the sides or even varying the colour that you combine with your natural hair. You'll find plenty of videos online showing you how to create clever variations of short styles with clip-in extensions, but most of them are using mail-order clip-ins. Remember that these are never going to fit as seamlessly as clip-ins that are custom-made to match your own hair.


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