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If you are considering revamping your hairstyle with the help of some extensions, then this short guide will help to point you in the right direction when it comes to which sort of hair extensions to wear and how each type of hair and attachment differs from its counterparts. To start, the first thing to emphasise is that hair extensions are not just commonly used to increase the length of your hairstyle, they are also very handy for increasing the apparent volume of hair to let you go for glamorous looks or rock those big celeb hairstyles.

As with all beauty products, there are different qualities of hair extension out there on the market. But the differences between them do not just boil down to how good they will look on your head. Although lighter on the pocket the cheaper ‘high street’ varieties are also worse for your scalp, often causing irritation and itching, soon look dull, and never have a naturally beautiful flow to them. That’s because these cheap hair extensions are either totally synthetic, made from plastic and plastic-like composites, or are made of poor-quality human hair which has been chemically stripped and altered to give it a ‘quick fix’ shine that soon fades after a couple of wears. Some of the chemicals used to treat the hair, whether real or fake, can interact with the natural hair and the scalp, often causing itching and other problems. Fine quality human hair extensions are definitely the way to go. Made from the highest quality Slavic and European ‘hair these hair extensions look and feel naturally healthy and vibrant because the hair they are made out of is of such good quality.

Once you have selected the hair type you then need to think about the attachment technique.  Our preferred attachment technique is micro rings.  The technology behind Micro Ring or Micro Loop extensions, as they’re sometimes called, was born out of a desire to revolutionise the hair extension industry and remove the issues that had previously deterred some of the world’s more discerning customers. The process needed to be kinder to hair, easier to maintain, and virtually undetectable. And micro rings deliver just that.

The process requires no glue, heat, or braiding, which can all damage your hair. Instead, each extension is attached to its own copper cylinder. A few strands of your hair are threaded through each cylinder. Once correctly positioned, the ring is then clamped shut using a special tool. This secures your hair to the extension in the cleanest and safest method currently available on the market. And removal and repositioning is just as easy and won’t cause any damage at all.

Easy maintenance

As micro ring extensions eliminate the need for heat, glue or braiding, and work only through the force of each minute clamp, the need to be impractically gentle with your bonds, or in some cases to avoid handling them altogether, is instantly removed. This makes the previously stressful task of styling and maintaining extensions a completely refreshing experience. Many of our new clients who have tried and disliked traditional extensions in the past, now love the freedom and ease they’ve discovered with micro rings.

Virtually undetectable

Our micro rings come in 9 different colours to match the hair extension and are coated with silicon to reduce extensions slippage.  In addition, their minute size when closed and positioning within the hair makes them virtually undetectable.  The only way anyone will know you’re wearing extensions is if they literally take a comb, and part your hair. No one will know. All they’ll see is gorgeous long and healthy hair.

At Tatiana Karelina, our micro ring extensions are fitted with only approved Slavic and select European hair. We personally hand source our hair from collectors and not brokers. Every strand is inspected and arranged by hand in our salons.


4 Steps to Longer Lasting Hair with Micro Rings

1. Regular maintenance

Wash your hair every 2-3 days at a minimum, remembering to detangle before doing so with a suitable quality brush. Don’t hang your head upside down over a sink, but instead stand up in the shower, letting those glossy locks hang. This will greatly reduce tangling. Use a leave-in conditioner and make sure to rinse both products out well. Go for quality hair products. It really is worth the investment. If necessary, detangle wet hair using a wide-toothed comb. Never brush wet hair. And where possible dry without heat. At night detangle and part your hair extensions into one or two loose ponytails. This will reduce tangling and matting, which can occur at night. A silk pillowcase will also make your morning hair routine go a lot smoother.

2. Be gentle as a rule

As strong as high-quality, expertly fitted human hair extensions can be, (especially our micro ring extensions) it’s still important to treat them with care. When brushing, combing or styling take care not to be too abrupt with your movements. And if you have glued or sewn extensions, avoid excessive contact with the bonds. Micro rings won’t slip and will withstand the most demanding situations.

3. Things to avoid

Stay clear of products that contain alcohol. These will dry your hair and cause it to look matt and lifeless. That includes chlorine, so find a cute swimming cap. Avoid rushing your hair routines. Shortcuts will lead to bad hair performance. Schedule a little extra time into your day and your hair will thank you for it. Direct heat isn’t great for any hair. Try not to blow-dry too often, and don’t overdo it with the sun.

4. Ask your extension stylist

You’ve hopefully done loads of research and have chosen a reputable salon. If so, tap the stylist for what they know. They’re experienced and passionate about what they do. Plus, they’ll have an intimate knowledge of your chosen hair extension.

Call or visit our London or Manchester salon to speak with an extension stylist technician about our luxury micro ring or clip-in extensions. We only use the finest hand-sourced, Slavic and European hair and have the largest stocks available and guarantee to match your colour, texture, and desired length. 

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