Session Styling

Tatiana Karelina - Session Stylist

Tatiana Karelina is the founder and creative force behind her chain of self-named salons.  As one of the most highly respected figures in hair extensions today, her foray into session styling wasn’t an obvious one yet she has been able in a very short amount of time to have a significant impact on the London beauty landscape.

Thanks to her Russian heritage the Russian elite took notice and it wasn’t long before Tatiana was styling the covers of Russian Roulette and Gate magazine.  Her cover work was conceptually cool and innovatively refreshing and caught the eye of a photographer who instantly recognized her talent to create imaginative looks.

Fast forward to fashion shoots with Attraction and Adidas and on the back of that success she got her big break at London Fashion Week AW16. Felder Felder, a high profile label with a cult following among A-Listers like Gwyneth Paltrow and Rihanna, and known for creating elegance with an edge, needed a session stylist to create a cool and effortless look for their LFW kick off show. Enter Tatiana and her unicorn braid which became an instant hit and one of the most talked about hairstyles of the 2016 London Fashion Week. Read Metro’s article on Tatiana’s unicorn braids.

Looking to the future Tatiana will continue to be focused on the expansion of her hair extensions brand while at the same time becoming a more prominent fixture as a session stylish on the British fashion circuit.