Color Blending

Colour Blending

The sensation of having gorgeous long hair is transformative. No client walks out of a Tatiana Karelina salon feeling unchanged. And it’s that feeling – that instant rise in self-confidence that really brings value to what we do for our clients. But in order to achieve a truly natural, transformative and completely seamless look proper blending is key.

Our Unique Approach to Colour Blending

For Tatiana Karelina, proper blending doesn’t start in the salon, but over in Russia in small rural communities where our hair is sourced. With so many different hair colors, textures and lengths on today’s woman the optimal color and texture blend is almost always achieved by combining hair from several different ponytails. In doing this, we can ensure that there is no stringy color separation as often happens when using pre-bonded hair extensions that come in a single texture and a solid color. During the consultation process or before the fitting each client is invited to view our inventory of Russian hair and personally select the ponytails based on grade, colour and texture. Once the ponytails are selected, strands of hair are drawn from each ponytail and combined to create individual strands of hair that perfectly match the client’s natural hair. These individual strands are then pre-bonded in house and made available to the technician to fit.

If you are unsure if a salon will be able to create a perfectly blended head of hair a simple test would to be ask to see their inventory of hair. As Russian hair is scarce and expensive a salon that has invested in a considerable inventory of Russian hair and is willing to show you that hair is likely a capable salon. We pride ourselves on offering a same-day consultation and fitting for almost any client that walks through our door and in order to be able to do this we stock the largest inventory of of Russian hair in the US.