Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-ins extensions can be a great temporary solution to achieve length, thickness and volume if they behave like your natural hair. Unfortunately, most of the ready-to-buy clip-in extensions on the market today use thick processed hair in pre-fabricated wefts that easily tangles and mats. The result is clip-in extensions do not feel natural, last long or blend well with the natural hair.

Our line of ready-to-buy clip-in extensions address these shortcoming by avoiding the use of processed hair and are handmade in our London and Manchester salons and available for sale in our West Hollywood salon using the same Russian hair that is used in our salon-applied extensions. By making our clip-in extensions by hand we are able to combine multiple shades of hair in each weft allowing for a perfect color match.

The clip-in extensions are made using a multi-layering system where we combine 5 wefts into a single clip-in piece. This gives the clip-in the same body and density which could previously only be achieved using several clip-in piece together. Since each clip-in is a single piece it can be secured with only 5 clips while others systems require up to 4 pieces and need to be secured with up to 13-clips. So, using a single piece is not only simpler and quicker to attach it will also blend seamlessly as there are no bumps from overlapping pieces.

In line with our commitment to sustainable packaging each of our clip-in pieces comes packaged in a Matryoshka doll, which when empty, doubles as a unique and trendy woman’s clutch. The Matryoshka, is Russia’s most famous and recognisable image. As well as their simple beauty and timeless elegance, Matryoshka’s are a symbol of friendship and love.

For more information on Tatiana Karelina’s range of made-to-measure or ready-to-buy clip-in extensions or to book a consultation please call (310) 734-7110 or contact the salon here.