Clip-In Extensions

Clip-In Extensions

Clip-ins can be a great temporary solution to achieve length, thickness and volume if they behave like your natural hair. Unfortunately, most of the clip-in extensions on the market today use thick processed hair in pre-fabricated wefts that easily tangles and mats. The result is clip-in extensions do not feel natural, last long or blend well with the natural hair.

Custom Made-to-Measure and Ready-to-Buy Clip-In Extensions

Recognising a gap existed in the market, Tatiana Karelina acted and was the first to introduce an exclusive line of bespoke clip-in extensions and accessories that were made from hand-tied wefts, tailored to the size of the client’s head and matched perfectly to their hair colour and texture. Even to this day no other salon or company can boast that they offer hand-made clip-in extensions.

Now, sitting alongside the made-to- measure clip-in line, Tatiana Karelina has launched its new ready-to- buy range of clip-in extensions. Available in 6 colors in 18” length these clip-in are still made from hand-tied weft yet available to buy on an immediate basis at the Tatiana Karelina shop.

For more information on how are ready-to-buy and custom made-to-measure clip-in extensions are made and what makes them unlike anything else on the market please click here.