Baby Steps and Leaps of Faith

Baby steps and leaps of faith brought Tatiana to where she is today. Born in a small Russian village she moved to United States in 2000 to study English where she was by chance introduced the world of hair extensions. A few years later she moved to London where she listened to her entrepreneurial spirit and started a hair extension business from her home. Success grew quickly and a yearning to learn more she decided to take a leap of faith to open her first salon in the midst of the financial crisis.

From the outset Tatiana’s approach to extensions was unique. Refusing to conform to industry practices she worked to advance the innovation of hair extensions in the UK. One of the first to break from using damaging glue to attach the extension hair and the first, given her local knowledge, to be able to source extension hair directly from her native Russia. Using a combination of superior quality hair, a top-notch attachment technique and an emphasis on creating an unrivalled client experience define Tatiana as a pioneering businesswoman.

Tatiana’s story is one of guts and determination to leave her village and follow her dreams of sharing her love of people and hair. Today, Tatiana Karelina has salons in London, Manchester and Los Angeles with a team of 22 dedicated and talented Extensionists and Colourists.

It’s Hard to Imagine,
but at one time Tatiana had a big fear of hair
When I was younger, I wouldn’t even brush my own hair- I was too scared," she laughs. “The texture would send shivers down my spine”. It was so bad that before she went to school her mother would have to stop her to brush her hair. She didn’t want her daughter to be the messy kid in school. Over the years the fear started to fade and Tatiana started to experiment with braiding. She would not only braid her hair but she started to braid the hair of her friends in school. “This was probably the defining moment for me. Not only did I realise that I pretty good at it, it was fun. I really enjoyed making the other girls happy.” It was those early experiments in school that paved the way for Tatiana to discover that with some steady hands, a twist of creativity and some long hair that she had an ability to make women happy with beautiful hair.